Common Marketing Pushes Free Subscription

Four marketing pushes

Should you buy into them?

#1 "Come to our free social media workshop"

Attending one free workshop on social media will not grow your business! You need to be strategic and consistent in your marketing. Social media is only one tactic. For social media to work, you need to get all the foundations in place first and learn how to deliver great and engaging content ... consistently!
free social media workshop
We will teach you to outline your business objectives, design your marketing strategy and develop an action plan - and then we will help you design a full social media strategy and learn how to deliver it! This is the way to  grow your business by becoming a marketing expert!

#2 "Get a new website - there is matched funding you can apply for"

Matched funding is all well and good - but only if you use it correctly. What's the point of having a great looking website developed that doesn't support your sales and marketing? There are great web design agencies out there - but YOU need to instruct them on what you need from a marketing perspective! 
Marketing matched funding for websites
You need the knowledge of marketing to do this, or your "matched funding" will end up being a cost to your business!

Our training program will teach you what you need to think about when providing a web brief to a digital agency or developer, to ensure what you are paying for supports your business objectives and you're not landed with a website that was a waste of money!

#3 "We are offering a reduced rate to advertise ... if you sign up today"

A one off advert in a magazine or newspaper will not increase your growth! This is a sales tactic from publishers to get you to panic to buy. Any advertising should be integrated with your marketing and thought through. Advertising will help brand building... but only if done correctly. Never purchase advertising under pressure.
Reduced rate advertising
Marketing Kit will teach you to build an integrated marketing and promotional campaign. Advertising may or may not even be the right channel for you. We will help you to build a plan that will reap the best return for your investment - and help you resist the urge to spend your budget on knee jerk decisions that won't add value!

#4 "25% off our data lists... this month only"

Data is key in marketing, purchasing it may be the right thing to do, but think very very carefully. There are some great data suppliers, and unfortunately, there are some that aren't so great. You need to know how to spot them! Be clear on the criteria so that you don't end up with the wrong type of data! Organic list building is a better method - it's hard work, but conversion to sales is always higher!
Reduced rate advertising
Our training program will arm you with the knowledge on when it is right to use data suppliers, what to look out for, how to source the right type of data and also how to build your own prospect lists through attraction marketing.  

Or would you like access to the full kit and train yourself or a member of your team to become an expert marketer?

If you prefer direct and personal training and support, you can still join our paid for service to learn all of the tricks of the trade. 

For less than £1.70 a day, you will be invited to our training workshops which are held once per month and have access to a direct helpline where all of your marketing questions and queries will be answered on a one to one. A training program with practical support! 

There is no other solution like Marketing Kit!

Become a Marketing Kit Member today to get these benefits and lots more!
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