What is marketing

What is marketing?

None of these answers are incorrect! However where businesses often fall down, is using these in isolation and not realising what else they need to consider.

Marketing should be at the heart of your business, the puppet master of all of the activities needed to attract new customers and keep your existing ones happy (therefore re-ordering!)

You can't do this by one advert in a magazine or a tweet or two a week!

Marketing has to be thought through, strategic, planned, executed consistently and measured so that it brings the best returns.

There are seven 'P's of marketing Price, Promotion, Product, Place, Physical Evidence, Processes and People.

Most people only consider promotion - and don't appreciate the huge importance of the other six!

Your marketing plan should address each of these to ensure you have the best chance of attracting business and retaining it for as long as possible.

We teach our members about each of these P's and how you use them to grow your business rapidly!

Join today to become an expert marketer and help your business to flourish!

Join today

As a paid for member you will receive:
  • One themed training workshop per month which are currently held in the North East of England
  • A marketing assessment - which will highlight the areas that you need to focus your attention on and develop a plan around.
  • A dedicated helpline  to ask a marketing consultant advice
  • Access to marketing resources such as planners, worksheets, videos templates and systems
  • E-Bulletins full of information on free resources and how to's
All training and advice is delivered by a highly experienced, friendly and approachable marketing professional that specialises in small business marketing.  

All of this for only £49 per month. 10 % of our membership sales are donated to charity through our own Growth to Giving scheme.

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